Had a chance to leaf through Dean Godson’s massive biography of David Trimble yesterday. He quotes me extensively on pages 663-7 (for which he duly thanked me). I’m not completely content with the presentation; it’s often “Nicholas Whyte says…” followed by my analysis (accurately reported, in fairness) and then the next sentence is the author’s own intepretation, which I don’t always completely agree with. Oh well, if anyone gets far enough into the book to query it, they know where to find me…

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  1. Paul Magrs objects to reviewers with “hidden agendas or overt agendas” , does he? Perhaps he ought to cast his mind back to the reviews he got when he first started writing official “Doctor Who” stories, and introduced his pre-existing character Iris Wildthyme into the series. “Overt agenda” was not, it was widely-felt, the least of it.

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