Trust metric

Every so often a meme goes round of someone who’s got the latest tool to analyse livejournal users who are not on your friends but perhaps might be. I’ve just spent a half-hour (while supervising Brisget in the bath in the next room) grinding through a simple cut-n-paste from the user info of everyon who lists me as a friend to see who else they are reading. I disallowed double-counts – for people with two journals I counted each friend only once, so I myself appear only 79 times out of 83.

Well, I’ll be adding a few more folks to my list this evening, it being the season of good cheer and all; specifically , who came out top of the list, equal with , and , who came second, equal with and .

I’ll be willing (indeed interested) to so similar analysis for anyone else who asks nicely. I wish though that there was an easy way of weighting it, say, by shared interests, or by other mutual friends. When I first started using livejournal you could do a search on all users to see whose interests were most similar to yours; that seems to have gone now. Shame.

PS points me to Popular Users Amongst Your Friends which answers the question instantly. Based on that I’m adding too.

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