Tuesday night update

After my Sunday whinge, y’all deserve an update.

Anne was completely recovered by yesterday morning. It wasn’t even a twenty-four hour bug, more a six-hour one. I’ll be caredul about the mussels in future.

The neighbour cleared away all the stones today. It took all day. Not surprising. Anne plans to cover the mud with turf tomorrow.

Fergal’s off school for the rest of the week, but basically fine. He explained to me in great detail how he plans to deploy his nasal decongestant spray. (Only for the purpose for which it was designed, I’m glad to say.)

And Ursula, well, her sleeping patterns are still not what we would like them to be – my attempt to lull her while typing this and simultaneously listening to Pink Floyd’s performance at Live 8 was not successful – she is still very delightful, and we take one day at a time.

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