Two really good interviews

1) with Ray Bradbury
2) with Ursula Le Guin

Both here thanks to Bookslut. If you haven’t bookmarked her, why not?

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  1. amphibian8 says:

    I love Gaiman’s books. I picked “Neverwhere”, but I could easily have gone with the “Graveyard Book”. I like that “Neverwhere” is set in London which might be a drawback to some of his American readers, but London becomes another character in the book-giving it more body.

    Pratchett’s books tend to amuse me, but don’t stay in mind too long. However, “The Colour of Magic” did stick with me and so I chose that book. I suppose as it is the first of the Discworld novels had something to do with its lingering in my mind.

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