Moderately pleased with my new front page. OK, so it would barely get you a pass grade in basic webmastering these days, but it looks a lot better than it used to. Also I added comments to the Norwegian and Sybervision lists. And Infinity Plus published my review of the Runestaff so I’m quite pleased.

We took an impulsive tour in the countryside today. My current intern was telling me that he thought his mother’s ancestors emigrated to Wisconsin from the insignificant town of Orp-Le-Grand, not too far down the motorway from here. So we loaded up the children into the car and went to have a look; but in the limited time available all I could do was check the war memorial, and nobody of the right name was there. We came back by the country roads and stopped off in Jodoigne, where we found a playground and a friterie for lunch. Jodoigne has obviously seen better days. Orp-Le-Grand, I think, has not.

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