US trip – day 4

We're staying on West 83rd St, so nice and handy for Central Park, basically the first place we went to explore. There are of course many things to do there, but we concentrated on the Diana Ross playground (presumably named for the singer):

F at playground

Then a bit of a walk, and the Natural History museum, first of all for food in the cafe (which Anne was very impressed by) and then of course to look at the dinosaurs:

Family and dinosaurs Dinosaur on its own

I hadn't realised that the entire museum was a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt.

A wander on my own in the afternoon gave me no joy as I attempted to cash a cheque drawn on Citibank of South Dakota – Citibank New York didn't wan to know, and even Western Union turned up their noses at it, obviously suspicious of the issuer's credit rating, understandably enough. But I bought the four-volumes-in-two edition of Wolfe's Book of the New Sun at the nearby Barnes and Noble. Also decided to travel to Boston on Wednesday by car rather than train.

In the evening we went out with S and E to a restaurant called Serendipity, and met there my cousin A. The kids are not in fact particularly used to restaurants but the restaurant was used to children and happily provided F with the requested plain pancakes and plain ice cream.

They also provided us with a fright wig which had to be tried on in turn by most of us present:

The fright wig
Me Anne (with
nestling U)

And so to bed.

One thought on “US trip – day 4

  1. It can’t be the Museum of Brabant Radios, given that there were a couple of GECs, a Philco Smoker and an Ekco SH25 on prominent display along with a lot of French and Dutch sets; didn’t see many SBRs or Grammonts. As a fellow collector I must have a look at this lot if I’m ever in your part of the world!

    Incidentally, there was a lovely little documentary on the BBC World Service the other day about Mr Janssens’ British counterpart Gerry Wells and his museum in East Dulwich, which is available here.

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