US trip – day 6 – Whales

The tasks for the day seemed simple: return the hire car from yesterday’s journey, and then go whale-watching with Boston Harbor Cruises. The first bit was achieved with no difficulty, but the bloody useless Boston Harbor Cruises had booked us on the 10 am sailing rather than the noon one, and then cancelled the noon trip, and of course I found out at 10.30 am. So sharp words were exchanged. Then a desperate scramble to deliver, as promised, F’s whale-watching trip, which in the end meant booking a cruise out of Gloucester, 40 miles away, and renting another car to get there. Full marks by the way to 7 Seas Whale Watch who were excellent.

It all ended up much more expensive than I had thought, but there are some things you can’t put a price on.

Seeing real whales, really up close, is just fantastic. Difficult to capture on camera but I think these are the two best shots, of a long sleek body and then of the flukes (both humpbacks – though we did see fin whales as well)

Even U appeared sufficiently impressed to shed her usual apprehension of the camera:

So all ended well.

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