One thought on “Wanna work for me?

  1. As a hardcore Eve veteran the piece does a fine job of summarising the issues. If anything though, he’s underestimating the sheer rage CCP’s actions have engendered amongst the playerbase. Relations between between the two haven’t exactly been brilliant since the T20 scandal but were showing signs of recovery until this clusterfuck. To us, it’s as though they’re pursuing a policy designed to as much and as quickly as possible.
    Making things worse is the company’s internal problems, there’s essentially a civil war going on between the game’s developers and their own management. The Devs, ie the ones who actually run the game are well aware of the game’s issues and at least try to go some way to ameliorating them. Unfortunately management keep instructing them to focus on adding new bells and whistles that aren’t wanted or needed rather than fix known bugs and some glaring balancing issues. Some progress has at least been made on lag, but even that was kickstarted by a mass player revolt a year or so back. Management now seem more interested in gouging as much money as possible from the existing playerbase to fund the two other games they have in development which rumour has it are late and overbudget.
    The really frustrating thing is, that CCP have created what for us is the greatest Machiavellian turbo-screamer of a game ever made and now they seem determined to destroy it for the sake of some additional revenue. I so so hope the game survives but I have very little faith in CCP’s ability to sustain it.

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