Wedding pictures

All very good fun, as these events are supposed to be. My cousin is from the Bengali side of our family; she commented that the 150 invitees were basically her close relatives and about ten friends. Not sure how pleased she’ll be with the first two of these pictures (reflecting, alas, my own not too finely honed photographic skills) but the third I think is pretty good:

The evening before

Arriving at the venue with my uncle

The happy couple after the ceremony

My brother got rather better pictures of the ceremony itself.

Inevitably with so many relatives gathered together there had to be more group photos.

My brother, my mother, me, my sister

My mother, me, my sister-in-law, my brother, my sister, my brother-in-law

(Anne had had to stay behind in Belgium)

And a couple of pictures of some of the Aberystwyth end of my family:

My godson (also my cousin) plus wife and stepson

My godson plus brothers plus partners plus young Sam again.

I had a great time, though unfortunately seem to have picked up a stomach bug on Thursday evening that left me unable to really appreciate the lovely food on Friday (and still haven’t completely shaken it).

I was also very glad on Saturday morning to have the chance to catch up with two of my closest friends from college days (I guess known only to and ) who kindly gave me a lift to Heathrow.

Got back here safely; will write up today’s adventures in due course.

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