Week (weak)

It’s been a heck of a week. apart from the dismal result of the Croatian elections and the revolution in Georgia, the peace process in Moldova went into meltdown on Tuesday (completely unreported in the Western media as far as I could tell) so work has been pretty hectic – I took my eye off the ball for a number of routine but necessary admin things which I will now have to catch up with.

And of course the elections back home as well interfered with my sleep all week as I prepped my website for the vote on Wednesday and the count on Thursday and Friday. And Friday afternoon at work was a complete dead loss as I desperately waited for news of my former party colleagues, who all seemed to be struggling to get in – and astonishingly all six were elected, by the skin of their teeth in one or two cases.

This probably all means something but I need to go and reacquaint my family with my existence, and then catch up on sleep.

We took F and U to the Toy Museum in Mechelen today (Bridget is in the respite place) but it was a bit of a washout; all the nicest toys frustratingly behind glass and inaccessible. Frankly F got more fun out of MacDonalds on the way there… U was asleep and anyway it would be a bit lost on her.

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