First off, if you’re one of the people I don’t know, who I just asked via lj-comment about last night’s Doctor Who, sorry to intrude, but the version I downloaded doesn’t play very well. (Perhaps because the watching environment was so uncomfortable, I have to say I think I can summarise the whole episode in three sentences. But I won’t.)

And if you’re reading this and you did video it, get in touch and we’ll talk.

Apaprt from that, a good weekend. Took the two smaller kids to a barbecue last night, thanks to very kindly agreeing to babysit B (NB: she and exhaust the potential babysitting pool from livejournal). They both seemed to have fun, though it meant F faded a bit early this evening (but it’s school tomorrow so that’s no bad thing either). also brought Firefly, of which I’m sure I will have more to report in due course.

Today was Father’s Day by Belgian reckoning. F had painted a cup with pictures of flowers at school, and B had made painty markings on a t-shirt. So I felt valued. I took F out an a very slow bike ride through the woods later – he would insist on walking his bike over the bits where the tarmac was not completely smooth, which slowed us down a bit. But he seemed to have enjoyed it.

Managed to get out for dinner with Anne this evening which was nice. Going to bed now.

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  1. I’m so happy for all of you! It must feel wonderful to hear her talk after all this time.

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