Hi. I’m Nicholas Whyte, a public affairs consultant in Brussels, political commentator in Northern Ireland, and science fiction fan. This is my blog on WordPress, which replaced my Livejournal in March 2022. I was able to copy across all of my old Livejournal posts; unfortunately the internal links in old posts will still in general point back to Livejournal, and though I was able to import images, I wasn’t able to import videos, so it’s a little imperfect.

Since late 2003, I’ve been recording (almost) every book that I have read. At 200-300 books a year, that’s over 4000 books that I have written up here. These are the most recent; I also record the books I have read each week and each month. These days each review includes the second paragraph of the third chapter of each book, just for fun; and also a purchase link for Amazon UK. (Yes, I know; but I get no other financial reward for writing all of this.)

As well as books, I have been going through the films that won the Oscar for Best Picture in sequence and the films that won the Hugo or Nebula for Best Dramatic Presentation or equivalent.

During the pandemic I developed an interest in family history and have been recording my research here.

Also used for occasional commentary on other stuff, but you’ll find my FacebookTwitter, Mastodon and Bluesky are more live.

Comments welcome, though sometimes quicker to email me at nicholas dot whyte at gmail dot com.