“Wer zum Teufel waren die Leute?”

Good to see lots of you last night, for much conversation about the new Apple iPhone, Doctor Who, perfect electoral systems and whether or not I actually look like my user pics!

Just to record who was actually there and sitting where (once the main course, and the stragglers, had arrived):

Look forward to next time!

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  1. bookzombie says:

    And doesn’t even include the issue with the Agatha Christie novel that I ranted about a few months ago (“Murder on the Orient Express” has never been published as “Murder on the Calais Coach” in the UK.)

    I honestly hadn’t spotted all the tube line issues, but then I’m not a Londoner so it’s not something I particularly care about! I enjoyed her earlier books in the sequence (and again I’m not an Oxford person so didn’t spot the errors in them either – except the whole ‘muffler’ thing). But the main problem with Blackout/All Clear is that they are just dull and self-indulgent.

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