One thought on “What Calligraphy Hand Are You?

  1. What a load of damage limitation bollocks Paul. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, whether that opinion is well informed or not. The review was perfectly legit and you blew your top. The tweet saying that only other writers should review shows your real feelings. You couldn’t stand that someone thought you’d written a substandard piece.

    The fact is, even if you were Shakespeare, you would still write substandard pieces. At least two of his plays are utter tripe. And you ain’t Shakespeare mate. Take the criticism on the chin, be the big man, go away and write something better. And when you do, realise that somewhere, sometime, that will get a bad review as well.

    And damn well apologise to the reviewer. Your reputation has taken a complete nosedive today. Man up enough to recognise that and show that you aren’t an arrogant fool and you can take a bit of criticism. Cos if you can’t do that, your reputation will not recover. Your callous attitude towards the fans (and the reviewer did say he enjoyed your previous work) is already on every message board in fandom. Time for some contrition if you don’t want people to stop buying your stuff on the basis of your arrogance, not on the basis of a review.

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