What to read next year?

In the last couple of years I’ve been tremendously helped by the start-of-year poll asking which books from my unread shelf you all have read. I guess my logic for this is that I basically trust the literary judgement of my friends and other readers, and am interested to know what in particular from my sagging shelves I might look at next. (I also have been using two other mechanisms for choosing in each of the three categories below, popularity among LibraryThing users and longevity on my shelves). So I will once again be grateful to any and all who fill in this poll.

Apologies in advance to editors listed below as authors, or co-authors and co-editors whose names are omitted; this is scraped from my LibraryThing catalogue so some important details do get lost. Any miscategorisation, however, is entirely my fault and cannot be blamed on software.

As ever, particular recommendations of what to read (or avoid) very welcome in comments.

One thought on “What to read next year?

  1. The War Games should be at number one, Fear her should be absolute last and Monster of Peladon should be in the top 50. otherwise, good list

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