When did you last…

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last cigarette: February 1998
last kiss: This evening
last good cry: last February
last library book checked out: book on melatonin from local library, over a year ago
last movie seen: in cinema – Harry Potter I; on TV – American Pie
last book read: Guilty of Literature (essays about Terry Pratchett); just rereading American Gods.
last cuss word uttered: Bother!
last beverage drank: glass of red wine
last food consumed: Trout with almond and cream sauce – not what I had ordered! followed by ice cream at home
last crush: Anne
last phone call: To my head of office in Kosovo
last tv show watched: Friends, The One Where Monica Sings
last time showered: This morning
last shoes worn: Bought in a shop in Rome last year
last cd played: Hildegard of Bingen
last item bought: Meal out with Anne
last downloaded: Opera 7
last annoyance: arguing with the waitress at De Troubadour
last disappointment: Dinner out this evening
last soda drank: Mineral water
last thing written: previous journal entry
last word spoken: Cup of tea?
last sleep: from 2150 last night to 0650 this morning
last im: never done it
last weird encounter: President of a small Balkan country greeting me with a warm embrace when I bumped into him at a conference on Saturday without stopping for conversation
last ice cream eaten: Nice chocolate, strawberry and vanilla to console us when we got home after a disappointing dinner out
last time amused: My boss telling our IT bloke not to extend his tenous knowledge of physics to gynaecology, pregnancy and childbirth this afternoon
last time wanting to die: equivalent to last hangover
last time in love: Now
last time hugged: This evening after ice cream and episode of Angel
last time scolded: The day Zoran Djindjic was shot
last chair sat in: the one in front of the computer.
last lipstick used: Not since my Rocky Horror days
last underwear worn: practical Y-fronts
last bra worn: a lacy black affair, in my Rocky Horror days
last shirt worn: Marks and Spencers white shirt
last time dancing: with Anne to some music that came on the TV
last poster looked at: “freedom of speech” poster advertising mobile phones
last show attended: A truly awful mute theatrical presentation of the Oresteia in Prijedor the week before Bridget was born, in 1997.
last webpage visited: LiveJournal.

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