Which hat are you talking through at the moment?

Just did an interview for Polish television, in my Queen’s University of Belfast capacity, on today’s EU summit and the challenges of the constitution. (Something I do muse about in public, but not as part of my day job.)

This evening I am off for a mad 24 hour trip to Thessalonica in another of my roles. This was a little number I picked up as a result of two evenings in the pub with the American academic who set up this research center; in gratitude for the leads I gave him, they put me on the Advisory Board, whose duties appear to consist entirely of attending the (theoretically) annual meeting in Thessalonica. This happens tomorrow, so I will be off late tonight and arrive back home very early Saturday morning.

The in-laws were supposed to be arriving today, but may be delayed

One thought on “Which hat are you talking through at the moment?

  1. I am aware of Jones’ book, though I haven’t read it. (Incidentally I was alarmed to find myself footnoted in one of Jones’ more recent works – Medieval Lives, I think.) But I think Chaucer’s dislike tof the Knight is fairly palpable.

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