Who do you share your birthday with?

Picking, say, 2 September 1972, and browsing through Wikipedia:

Nicolette “Coco” Krebitz, German actress and director (shown to the right on the cover of the New Order album Get Ready)
Bakhtawar Murad, better known as Sonam, Bollywood actress (this was her big hit).
Vincent De Paul, American actor
Marcus Nigsch, better known as Marque, Austrian musician
Sergej Trifunović, Bosnian Serb actor
Yoshiaki Takahashi, Japanese actor (killed in a road accident in 1989)
Erika Narumi, Japanese voice-over actor
Kobun Shizuno, Japanese anime director

Syleena Johnson, American musician. (Though some sources give her birthdate as 1976.)
Alberto Rionda, Spanish musician.

Maurto Denigris, Italian journalist.
Atsushi Kawashima, Japanese TV announcer

Pat Watkins, baseball player
Søren Colding, Danish footballer
Maksim Nizovtsev, Kazakh footballer
James Willis, American football player
Silvia Gemignani, Italian athlete
Katarína Studeníková, Slovakian tennis player
Leon Cameron, Australian rules footballer
Garfield Gonsalves, Antiguan footballer
Mefin Davies, Welsh rugby player
Betty Lise, French athlete
Thomas Schertwitis, Kazakh/German water polo player
Jermaine Guice, American basketball player
Elżbieta Trześniewska, Polish basketball player
Takaharu Murahama, Japanese mixed martial art fighter

Which all goes to show that the birthdates of people in showbiz and sports tend to be fairly well known.

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