Who Is The Doctor, by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?

Second paragraph of third chapter (which is not surprisingly about The Unquiet Dead):

Roots and References Dickens’ own work, especially A Christmas Carol (1843), but also his ghost story “The Signal Man” (1866) which the Doctor calls the greatest ghost story ever; Simon Callow’s one-man show about Dickens, particularly the BBC production An Audience With Charles Dickens, influenced the casting process.

NB that there is no question mark in the title, though there is one at the end of the second author’s surname.

I got this at Gallifrey One in 2013, so it covers the first six series of New Who in detail, four RTD and two Moffat (ie Ecclestone, Tennant and the first two of Smith). The presentation is much more on reaction than data – few production details, but every story gets sections (sometimes very short) titled “Stand Up and Cheer”, “Roll Your Eyes” and “You’re Not Making Any Sense”. The two writers then present their views of each story, which often agree but sometimes diverge rather drastically. Endnotes to some chapters explain various Whovian concepts eg Daleks, Tardis, Master, etc. You can get it here.

I am still looking for a good book on New Who, and this wasn’t really it. I enjoyed the Hadoke/Shearman Running Through Corridors books (1, 2) because of the sense of banter between the two writers; that joyous spark wasn’t always present here. The Wood and Miles books have rather slowed down in production – I enjoyed their analysis of the first two New Who series, but apparently the latest volume looks only at Series 3. I will get it anyway.