Who would have thought it?

Thanks to , I’ve adopted the Dalek mood theme.

F said, “It’s got Uncle R in it!” – Indeed, there is a bit of a resemblance between Anne’s little brother and Christopher Ecclestone.

That was excellent. An existential Dalek, no less! The back-story of the Time War comes into clearer focus. The mutant inside was, as put it, “suitably squamous and rugose, not to mention dripping with mucus”. The three-way relationship between the Doctor, Rose and the Dalek. (Oh yeah, and Adam. Who is a bit pretty.)

I look forward to finding out what lies behind the phrase “Bad Wolf”…

Edited to add – go read the discussion over at ‘s.

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  1. pwilkinson says:

    Labour got 19.4% of first preferences to FF’s 17.4%, but will likely end up with literally twice as many TDs.

    What a beautiful demonstration that STV does not give truly proportional representation, at least as usually defined!

    This … demonstrates both the general hostility of the country to the former natural party of government, and the way in which Labour managed to position themselves successfully as everyone’s second-best option.

    And this is a beautiful demonstration of why true proportionality is generally not something one wants when electing a representative body. Labour may only have got slightly more first preferences than FF, but there were clearly far more voters prepared to see Labour as a partner in the next Irish government than to see FF there – and STV has both demonstrated and allowed that.

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