Whoniversaries 1 March

i) births and deaths

1 March 1918: birth of Roger Delgado, the first Master (1971-73).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

1 March 1969: broadcast of sixth episode of The Seeds of Death. The Doctor uses the weather control system to destroy the seeds, and draws the Ice Warrior fleet off course; the Earth is saved.

1 March 1975: broadcast of second episode of The Sontaran Experiment. Styre experiments on Sarah, but Harry sabotages his ship and Styre is killed; the Earth is saved..

1 March 1982: broadcast of first episode of Black Orchid. The Tardis lands at Cranleigh Hall in the 1930s, where Nyssa has a double, the Doctor plays cricket, and everyone gets into fancy dress.

1 March 1983: broadcast of first episode of Enlightenment. The White and Black Guardians appear, and the Tardis materialises on a mysterious sailing ship which is racing through space.

1 March 1984: broadcast of third episode of Planet of Fire. Peri, in the power of the Master, discovers that he has been drastically reduced in size.

1 March 2002: webcast of “Planet of Blood” part 3, the fourth episode of Death Comes to Time. More ‘orrible slaughter as one ally turns out to be a vampire and another a lieutenant-colonel rather than a policeman.

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