Whoniversaries 10 November

i) births and deaths

10 November 1989: death of Clyde Pollitt, who played a Time Lord (the Chancellor) in The War Games (1969) and The Three Doctors (1973).

10 November 1991: death of Tutte Lemkow, who played Kuiju in Marco Polo (1964), Ibrahim in The Crusade (1965), and Cyclops in The Myth Makers (1965).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

10 November 1979: broadcast of third episode of The Creature from the Pit. In a memorable scene, the Doctor talks to the Creature, and the egg device comes alive.

10 November 2008: broadcast of second episode of The Mark of the Berserker (SJA). Maria, in a welcome cameo, tells Luke, Clyde and Rani the secret of the pendant. Clyde retrieves it and tells his father to catch himself on.

iii) date specified in canon

10 November 1913: the Family of Blood arrives in England, as seen in Human Nature (2007).

One thought on “Whoniversaries 10 November

  1. Thanks for the info about the Sixth Doctor story – the title signals a clear relationship, although the plot summary suggests the content of tonight’s episode will be pretty different. You’ll have to let those of us who haven’t heard the Big Finish story know how they compare afterwards.

    I’ve also just realised, having popped over to Wikipedia to look up what we know about A Town Called Mercy, that it was filmed on the spaghetti western sets near Almería in Spain, which I visited about a dozen years ago on a family holiday. Exciting!

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