Whoniversaries 2 November

i) births and deaths

None that grabbed me.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

2 November 1968: broadcast of first episode of The Invasion. The Tardis lands invisibly, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe seek help successively from Isobel Watkins, and Tobias Vaughn of International Electromatics.

2 November 1981: BBC broadcast repeat of “An Unearthly Child”, the very first episode of Doctor Who, kicking off the “Five Faces of Doctor Who” repeat season.

2 November 1987: broadcast of first episode of Delta and the Bannermen. Ken Dodd sends the Doctor and Mel to 1950s Wales where a holiday camp is being infiltrated by aliens.

2 November 1988: broadcast of first episode of The Happiness Patrol. Helen A rules Terra Alpha ruthlessly by killing anyone who is unhappy, supported by the sinister yet ridiculous Kandyman.

2 November 2010: broadcast of second episode of The Empty Planet (SJA).

iii) dates specified in canon

2 November 1657: death and burial of Richard Maynarde, as described in Silver Nemesis (1988).

2 November 1941: The Eighth Doctor and Izzy Sinclair visit Coyoacan, Mexico, as seen in comic strip The Way of All Flesh (published in DWM #306 and #308-310, 2001).

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