Whoniversaries 22 September: Fraser Hines, Billie Piper, Destiny of the Daleks #4, Tegan Jovanka

i) births and deaths

22nd September 1944: birth of Fraser Hines, who played Jamie from 1966 to 1969, and has appeared in more Doctor Who episodes than anyone except the first four Doctors.

22nd September 1982: birth of Billie Piper, who played Rose in the first two series of New Who (2005-06) and reappeared in 2008 and 2010; has appeared in more New Who episodes than anyone except David Tennant.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

22nd September 1979: broadcast of fourth episode of Destiny of the Daleks. The Doctor defeats first the Movellans and then the Daleks, and Davros is captured and taken away for trial.

iii) date specified in canon

22nd September 1960: birth of Tegan Jovanka, as revealed in the 2006 Big Finish adventure The Gathering.

One thought on “Whoniversaries 22 September: Fraser Hines, Billie Piper, Destiny of the Daleks #4, Tegan Jovanka

  1. Most of the stuff I’d read about Assange prior to this episode suggested to me that he is pretty much at the tin-foil hat level.

    Also, I’d have to say that the way the Swedish authorities acted at the initial stages of the case leaves ample space for someone sufficiently paranoid to see a conspiracy: as we know, the original prosecutors downgraded the charges and withdrew the arrest warrant, but the case was later reopened as a rape investigation by a more senior prosecutor. To me the obvious explanation of that is that the more junior prosecutors made a mistake, which had to be corrected by someone higher up, but it’s easy to see how someone with a paranoid mentality might see it as a political intervention and part of some orchestrated plot.

    The fact that Assange was able to leave Sweden also seems to be largely the Swedes own fault, since a new arrest warrant wasn’t issued when the case was reopened. (A conspiracy theory makes even less sense then of course, as you’d have to imagine that ‘they’ actually wanted Assange to leave Sweden for some reason, but then conspiracy theories are rarely susceptible to rational argument.)

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