Whoniversaries 26 May

i) births and deaths

26 May 1913: birth of Peter Cushing, who played Doctor Who in the 1965 and 1966 films.

26 May 1927: birth of Julia Smith, who directed The Smugglers (First Doctor, 1966) and The Underwater Menace (Second Doctor, 1967).

26 May 1990: death of Anthony Steven, who wrote The Twin Dilemma (Sixth Doctor, 1984). Earlier this year a friend in Spain Facebooked me to say "Thinking of you, as I search on youtube for what was voted the worst Dr. Who story ever in the company of the son of the author who happens to live in our village, and wanted to show us an episode…" Yep, Anthony Steven's son is one of her neighbours.

26 May 2019: death of Stephen Thorne, who played Azal in The Dæmons (Third Doctor, 1971), Omega in The Three Doctors (Third Doctor plus First and Second, 1972-73), the First Ogron in Frontier in Space (Third Doctor, 1973) and the male version of Eldrad in The Hand of Fear (Fourth Doctor, 1976). Heavily disguised in all of them, so no photos here.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

26 May 1973: broadcast of second episode of The Green Death. The Doctor investigates the mine and the green slime in order to rescue Jo, despite obstruction from Global Chemicals.

26 May 2007: broadcast of Human Nature. To avoid The Family, the Doctor becomes a human, teaching in an English boarding school in November 1913; but they track him down.

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