Whoniversaries 30 January

i) births and deaths

30 January 1966: birth of Daphne Ashbrook, who played Grace Holloway in the TV Movie (1996).

30 January 1997: death of Nicholas Mallet, who directed The Mysterious Planet (1986), Paradise Towers 1987) and The Curse of Fenric (1989).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

30 January 1965: broadcast of “Conspiracy”, third episode of the story we now call The Romans. The Doctor is made to play the lyre but pulls an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’; the empress Poppæa conspires to poison Barbara; and Ian is ordered to fight to the death in the arena.

30 January 1971: broadcast of first episode of The Mind of Evil. Peculiar goings-on with the Keller Machine in Stangmoor Prison; meanwhile UNIT is guarding both a nuclear missile and a peace conference. What can possibly go wrong?

30 January 2008: broadcast of To The Last Man (Torchwood), the one with Toshiko’s annually defrosted boyfriend.

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