Whoniversaries 4 November

i) births and deaths

4 November 1971: birth of Robyn Moore who plays Jorjie’s mother June Turner in K9 (2009-2010).

4 November 1998: birth of Bear McCausland, who played Jack’s ill-fated grandson Steven in Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009). I doubt if I will note any more recent birth than his.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

4 November 1967: broadcast of sixth episode of The Abominable Snowmen. The Doctor and friends destroy the Yeti controls, and Padmasambhava dies cutting the Intelligence’s link to earth. Travers spots a real Yeti.

4 November 1978: broadcast of second episode of The Stones of Blood. The stones attack Boscombe Hall, and Vivien Fay attacks Romana, who disappears into thin air.

One thought on “Whoniversaries 4 November

  1. Some points and questions.

    * The US and Soviet Forces were out of Korea a year before the start of the war. The war caught the South Koreans flat-footed – if there had been a military build-up on both side they might have put up a more successful resistance.

    * The fighter planes were intruding and the survey ship intended to intrude into Greek Territory. Do you think countries should not control their national territory? What should a Greece without fighter planes do when Turkish jets intrude into their territory?

    * What military build-up? Modernization is not equivalent to a build-up. Also, the Turkish Armed Forces are modernising too.

    One final question. You have been speaking out against Greece’s tanks, fighters, and submarines. However, in your last post you speak out against modern tanks, fighters and submarines. What point are you actually trying to make?

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