Whoniversaries 4 September

i) births and deaths

4th September 1975: birth of Kai Owen, who plays Rhys Williams in the first three seasons of Torchwood.

ii)broadcast anniversary

4th September 1976 – broadcast of first episode of The Masque of Mandragora, starting Season 14. The Doctor and Sarah find an older console room in the Tardis, and then find themselves in a part of Renaissance Italy which looks just like a set from The Prisoner. Inevitably they are captured by the bad guys and the Doctor is made ready for the executioner’s axe…

One thought on “Whoniversaries 4 September

  1. I vaguely recall a Dalek annual in the same price, but I have no idea of what the going price for such things should be – it seems a randomly priced shop.

    Next time you’re in the area you probably ought to try Manston Nature Reserve for its bookshop – although I don’t recall annuals there… I’m unclear as to its opening hours.

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