Whoniversaries 5 March

i) births and deaths

5 March 1932: birth of Gertan Klauber, who played the Galley Master in The Romans (1965) and Ola in The Macra Terror (1967).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

5 March 1966: broadcast of “The Steel Sky”, first episode of the story we now call The Ark. The Tardis lands on a vast spaceship inhabited by humans and Monoids; Dodo’s cold spreads throughout its inhabitants.

5 March 1979: broadcast of second episode of The Talons of Weng-Chiang. The Doctor and Jago find a ghost at the theatre; Leela and Litefoot find Mr Sin at the door.

5 March 2008: broadcast of Something Borrowed (Torchwood), the one where Gwen gets married despite an alien pregnancy.

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  1. Nicholas, Nicolas… that made me wonder if this was Carla Bruni, but she’s Italian, not Spanish.

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