Whoniversaries 7 February

i) broadcast anniversaries

7 February 1970: broadcast of second episode of Doctor Who and the Silurians. A mysterious creature escapes the caves, kills a local farmer and terrorizes Liz.

7 February 1976: broadcast of second episode of The Seeds of Doom. Chase’s men attack the base, but the Doctor manages to destroy the Krynoid by exploding the generator hut.

7 February 1981: broadcast of second episode of The Keeper of Traken. Kassia is under the influence of the Melkur; she orders the arrest of the Doctor, Adric and Tremas.

ii) dates specified in canon

7 February 1894: birth of Tommy Brockless, Toshiko’s annually defrosted boyfriend, as seen in To The Last Man (Torchwood, 2008).

7 February 1987: Kathy Costello Wainright (née Nightingale) writes a letter to her friend Sally Sparrow, requesting her grandson to deliver it (along with a package of photographs) in 2007, as seen in Blink (2007).

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