Whoniversaries 9 July

i) births and deaths

9 July 2007: Death of Peter Tuddenham, who was the voice of the computer in Ark in Space, the voice of the Mandragora Helix in The Masque of Mandragora, and the voice of the Brain in Time and the Rani. Blake’s 7 fans remember him also as Orac, Zen and Slave.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

9 July 1966: broadcast of the third episode of The War Machines, which starts with Ben dodging away from the machine confronting him last week; he works out that Polly is under the control of WOTAN, and the episode ends with a failed attack on the warehouse, soldiers fleeing as the War Machine advances on the Doctor, who stands firm and defiant.

9 July 1994: broadcast of Whatever Happened to Susan Foreman?, radio play which sits rather outside standard Who continuity. Oddly enough if Susan had ended up in the situation she is portrayed in here, her office would have been in the next building to mine.

9 July 2009: broadcast of the fourth episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth. OMG IANTO!!!!!!

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