One thought on “Whoniversary 17 March

  1. I don’t think either of us said it was a “legal obligation”; that’s a straw man, seriously. You said (putting words in my mouth, incidentally) that you did not “see the goal of ever closer union as part of the EU’s DNA”. I pointed out that it is in the first sentence of the founding treaty. You seem to think that’s irrelevant; I beg to differ.

    I’m personally sceptical about the value of Europe-wide direct elections to the Commission, either for its president or for the entire slate; multi-member executive bodies are not normally chosen directly by the people anywhere. But the next European elections will bring an interesting step along this path as the EU-wide parties will each be supporting their own candidates for Commission President. I’m open to being convinced. (The UK, of course, will be excluded from voting for the likely winner as no British party is in the EPP.)

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