Whoniversary 21 August: still in Paris

date specified in canon

21st August 1572: Admiral de Coligny is shot and wounded; the Abbot of Amboise, suspected of being an impostor who has deraied the assassination plans, is killed by his own allies; Steven (who is fresh from the mayhem of The Daleks’ Master Plan) thinks it is the Doctor who has been slain. (as shown in The Massacre, 1966)

One thought on “Whoniversary 21 August: still in Paris

  1. There is an odd Biblical slip in Chapter 18, where there is an extended discussion of the gospel story of the paralysed man who needs someone to lower him into the healing waters from John 5. The parallel with Lou’s own situation is not belaboured; it becomes a starting point for a couple of other discussions, with the intensity of Lou’s own internal conversation contrasted with his lack of observation of his social surroundings.

    The gospel reading is introduced as “the story of the man lying by the pool of Siloam”. This is wrong; the pool of Siloam is where Jesus tells a different man to go in chapter nine of John’s gospel, after healing him with mud made from Jesus’ own spittle; the pool with the angel in chapter five is Bethesda, not Siloam. I suppose one sacred pool is much the same as another, but the original Bible texts are pretty clearly about different places.

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