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Just happened to browse the Wikipedia entry for the Ulster Unionist Party, and caught a reference to one of its founders being the “Earl of Middleton”. Immediately my hackles rose. He wasn’t made an earl until 1920, well after the party was founded, and more to the point it’s “Midleton”, as in the town in County Cork with associated whiskey, rather than “Middleton”. So I clicked on the “edit button” – my first Wikipedia editing.

And then I clicked around a bit more, and found that Wikipedia had a short article about him already, so I had to go back to the UUP page to make sure that it linked. Then I realised that there were a whole bunch of references to him elsewhere in Wikipedia under his previous name, William St John Brodrick, all of which liked to the page saying “Please write us an article about William St John Brodrick”. So I changed all of those to point to the Viscount/Earl of Midleton article.

A pleasing if somewhat pointless little diversion. I once had a look though Brodrick/Midleton’s papers in the Public Records Office in Kew, but there was little of interest for me, except his invitation from the intriguingly named “Clerk of Crown and Hanaper” to attend the inaugural meeting of the Senate of Southern Ireland. Still, in some obscure way that hour or so going through his papers back in 1991 has now paid off.

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  1. Until now, I seem to be the only one who read the Le Clézio, but I don’t recommend it.

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