Winding down my expectations

So, the guy who’s setting up his own organisation, which sounded to me like a very attractive alternative to my current employment (see my posts with job hunt tags), has started copying me on his memos to colleagues and potential colleagues. And it’s pretty clear that the funding isn’t there yet, and quite possibly will never be there. So I’m recalibrating my career thoughts.

There are two possibilities.

First off, the continuing mirage of a job as political adviser to some senior international figure is attractive, despite my failure to land a post with the European Commission last September. I may be being over-sensitive, or over-optimistic, but I have detected hints being dropped in my direction by a couple of senior EU people in connection with the coming Kosovo talks. So, plan: this week, try and make my interest known to people before I leave on my holiday.

Second, there’s always the private sector as a lobbyist. That will take some time to work into, since I basically decided not to go for it last year. But my other options are few. I am not going to back into electoral politics until I can see a way of landing a winnable seat, and also not until the situation at home has settled down a bit. Anne needs all the support I can give her with the kids.

So, I’m back to where I was in December 2003.

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