I’ve just discovered a blog written by an intern in one of our field offices (not one of the offices under my own remit). Full of enthusiasm about the work that we do, which is nice, but also full of really indiscreet stuff about career plans and sex. The writer’s identity is pretty obvious (it’s in the name and URL of the blog).

Tough call here. On the one hand, the kid is clearly not in breach of any internal organisational rule, and what is written about our work is pretty positive, so I don’t feel any pressing need to raise it internally. On the other hand, the blogger is so very indiscreet that I wouldn’t be inclined to hire such a person for any of our paid positions, and a friendly hint to that effect is I think in order.

I think what I’ll do is wait until the blogger’s internship in our office is over, and then send a friendly note suggesting either greater discretion in future or a more anonymised blog. Anyone have any handy advice sheets for this sort of situation?

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  1. I would read that as Poppa being an oil merchant, providing lighting material.

    Although references to whale oil in 1910 surprises me – I would have thought gas, kerosene, other cheaper oils and even electricity, but not whale oil? I thought spermacetic was primarily used for perfume and medicinal stuff by then!

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