Worldcon question

I see Cheryl Morgan’s roundup from Worldcon includes this comment:

I’ve also heard a few complaints about Chris Priest. I’m not exactly happy about what happened at the Hugo ceremony myself, seeing as it was on my watch, so to speak. But having talked to a number of people who know Chris better than I do I’ve been reassured that he was trying to make jokes. Unfortunately it seems that his particularly dry British sense of humor doesn’t translate very well, and he came over to many people as being deliberately rude.

I completely missed whatever this refers to. Can someone refresh my memory? (Unless it was his joke at the closing ceremony about ?)

One thought on “Worldcon question

  1. I second this – I must have read it somewhere about 1975, and remember enjoying it at the time.

    It may be time for a reread.

    (And oops, just made our annual FS order, and it didn’t include this.)

    Nicholas: The Folio Society description.

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