One thought on “Worthy of note

  1. If you have friends with iPhones that can regularly use them throughout the day without issue then they aren’t really making full use of their features.

    You’re making an assumption there that’s unwarranted. If out delivering election leaflets in Pennine villages for the day, I would want a phone that I can use, as a phone, whenever, including calling in to base to see if I’m needed elsewhere.

    The only other feature I’d need during that time would be GPS, which I’d use over a map.

    My friends with iPhones can do this. Then, when they get back to base, they can play that annoying birds game until the battery dies.

    My friends with Desires? They can’t. Ergo a Desire does not fulfill it’s basic function (that of being a mobile phone) properly. It may be a top notch mobile computing device. But I need something that functions as a phone for at least a working day with no charger.

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