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Following ‘s instructions:

Top 25 interests of poeple on my f-list: science fiction (83), writing (64), reading (60), books (58), fantasy (43), history (34), music (33), cats (32), sf (31), terry pratchett (29), ireland (27), chocolate (25), literature (25), sci-fi (25), computers (24), politics (23), douglas adams (22), buffy (21), cooking (21), lord of the rings (21), movies (20), neil gaiman (20), philosophy (20), and tolkien (20).

All fairly much as expected. Those topics which are not on my own interests list are at least ones I am interested in.

Interests where everyone who has them is on my f-list, ignoring 493 (493!!) unique ones: cocac (4), damn fine convention (4), sf in ireland (3), #cocac (2), albedo 1 (2), electrical eggs uk (2), irish gaming (2), john w sexton (2), kordeth (2), nagorno karabakh (2), nova awards (2), paul j holden (2), sex w johnston (2), sf quizzes (2), sons of shiva (2), the convertible bus (2), thomas mcmahon (2), and transdniestria (2). “cocac” is clearly some sinister Rathmore-based conspiracy. The Damn Fine Convention was obviously a historic event of great importance in 2002. I am the only real person interested in “sf in ireland”, the other two users being communities. Of the twofers, will have to explain “John W Sexton” and “Sex W Johnston”, and a couple of others. And only my Folkestone-based readership know about Thomas MacMahon (presumably not the guy who blew up Lord Mountbatten as he spelt his name McMahon).

Using the special metric of people on my f-list, squared, divided by total ljers with that interest, those where the number of users with that interest on my f-list is greater than the square root of the total number users with that interest is as follows: irish sf news (6/7), p-con (6/8), cocac (4/4), damn fine convention (4/4), dave langford (12/44), gay for jonny drain (7/15), juliet e mckenna (5/8), sf in ireland (3/3), ian mcdonald (10/36), the alien online (4/7), mecon (5/11), plokta.con (3/4), ken macleod (15/105), [the fifteen (2/2) interests in the last paragraph,] arthur c clarke award (3/5), chunga (3/5), irish comics (3/5), swisstone (3/5), bsfa (4/9), fannish history (4/10), bloodfarts (5/17), the cult of livejournal (5/18), ansible (9/59), angels in space (2/3), balkan politics (2/3), daemongirl (2/3), hat-mouth-boat (2/3), ladyfest dublin (2/3), lostcarpark (2/3), michael carroll (2/3), octocon (2/3), sheela na gigs (2/3), south ossetia (2/3), steer’s true stories (2/3), virtue is ever-vigilant (2/3), rasfw (5/19), science fiction foundation (3/7), sproutlore (4/13), the pointy bear game (3/8), third row fandom (3/8). Most of these are in-jokes of one kind or another. Interestingly Jonny Drain, Ian McDonald and are themselves on my f-list, though does not claim to be interested in himself. I don’t know if Juliet McKenna or Michael Carroll reads this (but I’d be rather surprised if they did).

I’m a bit stunned that only nine of you claim to be interested in sex!

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed his radio work, and I do have a copy of Cider with Roadies, which I haven’t read yet. I think, since I come from the north myself, this one is probably not going to be a high priority, but I might give it a go one day.

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