2007: culture

We actually saw a glorious total of four films in the cinema this year, probably as many as we had managed in the previous four years combined. They were: The Last King of Scotland, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 2 Days in Paris, and Stardust. Also I took F to see Alvin and the Chipmunks at the weekend, and Anne took him to see The Simpsons Movie during the year.

We have also been to two classical music concerts in the last few weeks, more than we have managed in the previous decade: Pieter Wispelwey playing the Bach cello suites at the Brussels Royal Conservatory at the end of November, and La Mystère des Voix Bulgares in Leuven last weekend.

Also we got through the whole of the first five seasons of The West Wing, plus Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, and The Goodies At Last!

Gradually picking up our ability to engage in these things what with the new circumstances..

One thought on “2007: culture

  1. Hmm. The safety data is for 2009, when at least one of the “safe” airlines had a massive crash killing 228. Three of the others suffered accidents where they were lucky no-one was killed: American stuffed a 737 off the end of a runway, Southwest had a fatigue-related decompression in flight, and US dramatically lost an aircraft thanks to a rare successful water emergency landing.

    Also, United and Continental have since merged. I’ve flown on all of the airlines on the safe list except JAL.

    QANTAS will be really annoyed not the be there given they used to be the world’s safest airline for so long. Their woes are generally agreed by all except QANTAS management to be due to outsourcing of maintenance.

    Of the comfy list, I’ve only used QANTAS and they are absolutely excellent in this respect, at least in business class. You will note a total lack of US based aircraft on the comfy list. They’ve been in a race to the bottom for a long time, and even business class on a US-based airline is not that pleasant an experience.

    I find Air France to be a mostly pleasant experience (when they don’t lose my special meal request). I can sleep in their business class seat. KLM suffers from Dutch caterers, but are otherwise fine and the cabin crews are very attentive to passenger needs.

    The problem I have with the comfy list is that what is passing for service is actually female subservience. Think about Singapore’s advertising. Give me a slightly snooty French queen any day!

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