2009 memes I: the first post of each month

This is the simplest of the end-of-year memes: post the first sentence of your first post for each month of the year. I add a short explanation though this is not traditional.

January: We had a rather quiet New Year’s Eve last night. A post about the turn of the year.
February: A story of a young boy who becomes involved in a secret romance – some similarity with McEwan’s Atonement, though the outcome is quite different. My review of The Go-Between, by L.P. Hartley.
March: Big Finish have returned to an old theme in Who: the search for the Key to Time, as originally carried out by the Fourth Doctor and his Time Lady companion Romana in 1978. Review of three Doctor Who audio plays.
April: Not mine, but ‘s of Bujold, starting here, and ‘s of The Lord of the Rings, starting here. Two series of Tor.com blog entries about rereading great sf/fantasy.
May: Dreamwidth: nwhyte. My little-used Dreamwidth account.
June: When you see the word “pasties”, do you think of: food? nipples? both? neither? One of my occasional linguistic polls.
July: Locked entry about an encounter with a weird person.
August: AP piece about my work – would be interested to know if it is in the print as well as the on-line version of the New York Times: (link). Big media story about my job.
September: Okay Then: Health Care : Whatever. My link to Scalzi.
October: Pathetic Motorways. My link to another cool site.
November: Sit down for breakfast. Local vegetation by the Nile.
December: More often than not, I complete the last leg of my morning commute by train, arriving at the railway station at Brussel/Bruxelles-Schuman, which is within a hop, skip and jump of my office. forensic railway archæology.

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  1. steve_mollmann says:

    To be fair, there wasn’t anyone to hear of before last year!

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