50 books from (very nearly) 50 years ago

These 50 books were all published in 1960. (I have selected them by the scientific method of identifying the top 46 from that year on LibraryThing, plus another four that I happened to have read myself.)

NB some of these I wasn’t sure of myself and had to check, as follows:
For Your Eyes Only – is a collection of James Bond short stories
Jeeves in the Offing – is the one which starts with Bertie discovering that he is engaged to Bobbie Wickham (when her mother phones up, sobbing, to ask if “the dreadful news” is true); also features Aunt Dahlia, the psychiatrist Sir Roderick Glossop and the Rev. Aubrey Upjohn, but not much Jeeves
A Burnt-Out Case – is the particularly depressing Graham Greene set in a leper colony in the Congo
Dorsai! – an episodic book about Donal Graeme, warrior extraordinaire
The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding etc – is a short story collection mainly featuring Poirot
False Scent – is the one with an aging actress who is murdere with ehr own insecticide
The Clue in the Old Stagecoach – is the one where Nancy Drew searches for an antique stagecoach that, according to legend, contains something of great value to the people of Francisville

Happy to clarify any other cases where confusion is possible…

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    This is deep and profound enough; thanks for sharing.

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