A few more Hugo nominee surveys

John Quiggin on the novels

John DeNardo on all the short fiction nominees

Anne K.G. Murphy/ on the novelettes and short stories.

and on the short stories, here and here respectively.

Have added notes of all these, and of the Locus and Sturgeon awards, to the web page.

One thought on “A few more Hugo nominee surveys

  1. I’m in that whole minority “Inception = meh” camp.

    Maybe I’m just much more stupid than everyone else, but I’m passably convinced that many people have read stuff into it that just isn’t there, while ignoring the fact that none of it makes anything remotely resembilng any sense whatsoever (which is support, I suppose, for the “it was all just a dream” theorists – but then, watching a movie that’s all just a dream is devoid of pretty much anything resembling dramatic tension or narrative progression, so is pretty much pointless).

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