The nice people at this year’s Worldcon, Anticipation, have made available a large number of the nominees for electronic download by members of the convention. Thanks in particular should go to John Scalzi for getting this started.

The following nominees in the fiction categories are not included in the download:

Best Novel nominee: Anathem by Neal Stephenson
Best Novella nominee: “The Tear”, by Ian McDonald
Best Novelette nominee: “The Ray-Gun: A Love Story” by James Alan Gardner.

However, it does include all the Best Short Story nominees, and two complete books in the Best Related category – John Scalzi’s Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded and Farah Mendlesohn’s Rhetorics of Fantasy, as well as an extract from Paul Kincaid’s What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction, by Paul Kincaid. I must say that the 55 Canadian dollars for a supporting membership for the Worldcon, which gets you all the fiction nominees not mentioned above (including novels by Gaiman, Stross, Scalzi and Doctorow) plus an actual vote for the Hugos is a very good deal.

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  1. matgb says:

    See, I’ve been completely resisting Folio prints-SB gets one from her Dad every Xmas (The Golem this year), and I know that looking at the site will be bad.

    I love the art for Hitchhikers. I love it for Handmaid’s. Not so keen on Restaurant, but, y’know, it’s still really nice. I mean, I have hardbacks of all Adams stuff already, but…

    I wants them I does.

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