ART for The World

I had a couple of hours to kill before dinner last night, and wandering through the European Parliament I bumped into a reception to celebrate an exhibition called “Playgrounds and Toys” exhibition from an outfit called ART for The World, which seems to involve combining art and playgrounds. I admit that I only attached myself to the crowd in the first place because they were handing out free wine, but I found the exhibits really very engaging, and had a nice chat with the Indian architect Martand Khosla who was partly responsible for it. At first sight it looked like just some naive bunch of well-meaning individuals, of the kind I occasionally encounter in my work of bringing peace to people whether they want it or not, however these folks seemed to be doing really useful stuff.

It is good to see the European Parliament’s public spaces being put to good use – not just showing something interesting and unusual to casual visitors such as myself, but also reminding the MEPs who tend to spend fourteen-hour days cooped up in the building that there is in fact an outside world.

Speaking of which, while I was at the reception, I also bumped into an MEP who chairs the European Parliament delegation dealing with one of my countries, so it turned into a networking opportunity after all!

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