At the European Parliament

Well, here I am in the European Parliament building; the world´s press, and various aspirant politicians, are swirling around me: I’ve already congratulated two Dutch MEP friends (Joost Lagendijk, re-elected for the Greens, and Sophie in’t Veld, newly elected liberal), and various other semi-celebrities in the obscure field of European politics are circulating. And I’ve found a free internet terminal in a quiet corner as well.

Looks like the early predictions of UKIP winning 18 seats are rather exaggerated. My bet would be that the final GB vote shares are Con 26%; Lab 20%; Lib Dems 16%; UKIP 12%; Greens 6%. That is still a doubling of the UKIP vote, and probably 6 or 7 seats, but not the 18 that Sky News were predicting.

Interesting also to see the anti-system candidates – van Buitenen in the Netherlands, Martin in Austria – win two seats each.

Watching the Slovenian and Hungarian results to see who of my contacts there gets elected… but I think I may call it a day and go home to bed now; I have to work in the morning.

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  1. seawasp says:

    See, now you’ll NEVER become one of the Enlightened, because you insist on clinging to your stodgy little non-drug-soaked corner of “reality”.

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