August Books 13) The Wizard Knight, by Gene Wolfe

Compilation of two books originally published separately. The Knight and The Wizard, which rather seem to have sunk without trace since publication. I’m not wild about sword & sorcery as a sub-genre anyway, so couldn’t get vastly interested in whatever it was Wolfe was trying to do to it. Then I put the book aside for a few days, and coming back to it realised that I really didn’t care what happened after page 380. If I have missed something really special in the remaining 540 pages, feel free to notify me, with spoilers, in comments.

One thought on “August Books 13) The Wizard Knight, by Gene Wolfe

  1. There’s an essay about Dracula in the back of one of John Sutherland’s books, and he agrees with , and that technology probably explains why Dracula targeted Britain as his new home. Britain gives him access to more of it than anywhere else in Europe.

    A friend of mine specialises in pre-Roman Dalcian archaeology and has taken to growling when we make vampire jokes.

    Edit to add: I think the sign that Dracula is good is that I only noticed some of the plot peculiarities after I finished it, not while I was reading it.

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