August Books 16) The Accusers

16) The Accusers, by Lindsey Davis

Hmm. I’ve very much enjoyed some of Davis’ novels featuring Marcus Didius Falco, a detective of ancient Rome; this wasn’t one of the best. The hero and his colleagues spend ages failing to interrogate the person who is fairly obviously the murderer, and by the end nothing really is resolved. I did wonder if the two chief villains, Paccius Africanus and Silius Italicus, might actually be real-life characters from our time-line who Davis was shoe-horning into a fictional plot; and alas, this indeed turns out to be the case (I even found an article where she brags about it). Oh well, as long as my mother-in-law keeps buying them I suspect I’ll keep reading them, but this wasn’t really as rewarding as I had hoped.

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