August Books 4) The Seeds of Time

4) The Seeds of Time, by John Wyndham

I got this Wyndham collection a couple of years ago, not sure if I had already read it. Well, I had read the best known stories from it – “Survival”, “Pawley’s Peepholes” and “Dumb Martian” – but not the other seven as far as I can remember. Wyndham claims in his introduction to have been trying to avoid the clichéd formula of the “adventure-narrative form of story”, and on the whole he does so, though the stories are replete with other clichés – in particular, Wyndham’s approach to time-travel is essentially as a chance to have a retake of some moral test, a theme he hits on several times here. These stories are all decent enough, but I think other Wyndham collections are stronger. Still, if you like his other work, you’ll like these.

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  1. My son has Tourette’s, but what’s interesting is that it does NOT manifest as him swearing or even necessarily saying anything. It manifests as a cycle of “tics” that he can’t stop, or can’t easily stop, and if he forces himself to stop one he just moves on to a different tic.

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