Bah, humbug

So two of my favourite lunchtime restaurants have closed this week, the Tex-Mex place on Rue Defacqz, which had awfully slow service but yummy food, and the Japanese place on Rue Lesbroussard, which produced sushi that was tasty and not too overpriced.

As long as the cheap and cheerful Vietnamese opposite where the Tex-Mex used to be stays open, I won’t be too upset. When I found the sushi place was closed today I went across the road to the Caribbean restaurant, which is nice but a bit pricier.

I think I’m putting on weight…

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  1. yea_mon says:

    “somehow I don’t think Canadians of Northern European extraction are going to be affected.”

    Don’t forget these are people who do not think of the consequences of their actions.

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